Our transformation coaching services are created to promote emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.
Our services are designed to move you from:
  • Victim to Victor;
  • Failure to Success;
  • Loss to Purpose, and
  • Despair to Hope
​Our services promote Thoughts of Kibou (hope)

​In addition to individual and group coaching An Ounce of Kibou offers the following:

Visioning and G.O.A.L. Program

You have read many books and articles that tell you why it is important to have a vision and goals. You have read about successful people who share their stories about getting clear on their vision, living their dreams because they put their vision and goals on paper. You have heard it all and fully understand the importance of this process. Then why do most people put it off?
One reason you be avoiding this is your approach to this process. I strongly believe if you look at this process as a gift, an offering of abundance, your approach to goal-setting will dramatically shift. As you begin to make this shift, you will see the gift of a goal as ​God Offering Abundant Living (G.O.A.L.™)
​Once you accept the fact that achieving your goals puts you one step closer to an abundant life then goal-setting stops being a tedious task and becomes something that you are excited to do!
Another reason for avoiding goal-setting is not knowing where to begin. Your list of goals is so long. A few of the goals are what you think you should accomplish. A few more are what someone else thinks you should accomplish. Hopefully, somewhere on that list are a few goals that you want or at least you think you wanted to accomplish. It can be so confusing! Yet, when you accomplish any number of these goals there is still a feeling of emptiness or disappointment. That may be due to the fact that perhaps the goal didn’t come from your center. The truth is every goal that is authentically you begins with a dream or a clear vision. One that is so strong that no matter how busy you are or how much time passes the dream or vision remains a part of you. That is exactly where you begin.
The purpose of Kibou Coaching's Visioning & G.O.A.L 6 month program is to help you:
  • Identify the core values that are most important to you;
  • Identify and eliminate limiting thoughts;
  • Live a life with greater intention;
  • Eliminate distractions that keep you stuck;
  • Create a powerful and crystal clear vision statement; 
  • Create goals that are in alignment with your vision and core values.

Programs start at various times throughout the year. For more information about participating in the next program or to have us conduct this program with your group please contact us.

DISC Assessments

DISC is a personality assessment that provides a better understanding of the four (4) temperaments.  The four (4) temperaments are:
  • D-Dominance, Results Oriented, Forceful, Decisive
  • I-Influence, Enthusiastic, Trusting, Optimistic, Persuasive
  • S-Steady, Supportive, Gentle, Understanding, Friendly
  • C-Compliant, Cautious, Analytical, Private, Systematic

DISC is a non-threatening and non-judgmental tool which offers a deeper understanding of people and their personality patterns. This insight will allow you to make more intentional choices about your personal and professional relationships.
A few benefits of having a DISC assessment completed are:
  • Understand behavioral strengths and challenges in yourself and others
  • Enhance leadership, coaching and mentoring skills
  • Achieve goals - more quickly and effectively
  • Learn to appreciate the differences and strengths of others
  • Improve communication skills by matching communication styles
  • Learn how to inspire, motivate and encourage each individual by understanding their unique behavioral profile
  • Build a more powerful and harmonious team
  • Reduce personal and organizational conflict, stress and turnover
  • Maintain better control of your emotions
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve self-awareness and self-knowledge
  • Understand the priorities of others and help everyone become more successful
Personal and professional relationships struggle because of a lack of understanding the various personalities and how to handle them effectively.  Identifying your personality and the personalities of your team can be an important first step to realizing the full potential that lies within.
We also offer DISC assessments for children.
Please contact us for more information or to schedule an with a certified DISC consultant.

 Journey to Destiny: from Caterpillar to Butterfly
A retreat created for the special woman that you are!
Regardless of what stage you are currently experiencing, if you believe this is your time, I am excited to welcome you to this empowering journey! Because I am committed to creating a safe, inviting, and intimate experience this exclusive retreat is being offered to only 15 women.
Are you ready to leave the comfort of your cocoon?
Are you ready to unfold your wings, learn how to fly and soar into your destiny?
Do you find yourself stopping to admire the beauty of a butterfly? Do you ever wonder what it went through to become beautiful enough to catch your eye? Every single butterfly MUST go through a metamorphosis to reach its beautiful status.    

We do not solicit in or accept donations from residents of the state of Florida